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“… what remains for me is a picture
of sun-drenched exuberance under that
vast African sky—a Van Gogh painting whose
bold, profuse brushstrokes and vibrant colors
are the distillation of times gone by and all
that happened to us. It’s a happy canvas
that I gaze at a lot.”



Memories of a Family in British Colonial Kenya

Catherine Keese

Limited-Issue, First Edition

When Catherine Keese first set out to write this book, she was full of trepidation. “How,” she asked, “would I ever be able to remember all the happenings of our lives back then, and more importantly the nuance of it all? Could I accurately portray the magnificent, equatorial landscape we called home, or the vastness of the African sky? Could I relate what life was like under the forbearance of Africa’s natural order where man, beast, and the elements lent constant danger and exhilaration to every hour of every day? Would I be able to adequately explain the fragility of our political posture and prospects? And could I do justice to the colorful characters who shared with us the anxieties and rewards of life in a British colony?  I think I was horrified that I might end up with a book that defined mundaneness—like Lionel Hardcastle’s proverbial My Life in Kenya in the TV series ‘As Time Goes By’.”

In this fascinating book, told with great candor and humor, she adds:  “. . . for better or worse, I offer the story of our family in Kenya, and the fascinating, pivotal times in which we lived. While told from my personal perspective, it is the record of a Scottish family’s evolution from its working-class roots in Glasgow, through emigration, war, jubilation, illness, defiance, loss, and redemption. It is also the tale of life on a Kenya farm with all its trials and tribulations. Yet what remains for me is a picture of sun-drenched exuberance under that vast African sky—a Van Gogh painting whose bold, profuse brushstrokes and vibrant colors are the distillation of times gone by and all that happened to us. It’s a happy canvas that I gaze at a lot.”

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“Had it not been for this
remarkable woman, little of
the inimitable Vincent would
ever have been known”



The Remarkable Woman Who Changed the History of Art

William J. Havlicek & David A. Glen

Limited-Issue, First Edition (Preorder)

Following the success of the highly acclaimed book Van Gogh’s Untold Journey, authors William Havlicek and David Glen now tell Vincent’s complete story embracing the one person hitherto—and to a large extent—ignored: Johanna van Gogh-Bonger, his sister-in-law. For without Johanna, little of the inimitable Vincent would ever have been known. Vincent’s legacy was, furthermore, solidified by the prestigious patronage of Helene Kröller-Müller, the wife of a wealthy industrialist, who was to accumulate the second-largest collection of Van Gogh drawings and paintings, now displayed in the renowned Kröller-Müller Museum in Otterlo, the Netherlands. This well-researched, beautifully illustrated book also gives Theo, Vincent’s devoted brother, suitable recognition for the part he played in ensuring Van Gogh’s bequest.

After the deaths of Vincent and Theo, Johanna became keeper and advocate of Vincent’s immense collection of paintings, sketches, and illustrations. She was to preserve and chronicle over 520 hand-written letters (eventually more than 900 would come to light) without which we would never have come to understand the devoted relationship and interdependency Vincent had with his brother Theo, nor the remarkable beneficence that lay at the very core of the Van Gogh family as a whole. Most importantly, we would never have come to know the uncommon genius that was Vincent van Gogh.

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“Dr. Havlicek writes with passion, intelligence,
and clarity, creating a book with provocative insights,
interesting connections, and lessons about the
preciousness of life. It will inspire you!” 



Revelations of Faith, Family,
& Artistic Inspiration

William J. Havlicek, Ph.D.

First Edition

Van Gogh’s Untold Journey is based largely on Vincent van Gogh’s astonishing letters of which over 900 exist. This important work—the result of over 15 years of research—provides new insight into the artist’s true character nurtured from his abiding faith, the influence of family, and the tender solicitude he felt for mankind.

William J. Havlicek’s book holds some compelling revelations, among them the role played by Johanna van Gogh-Bonger, his sister-in-law, without whom little of the inimitable Vincent would ever have been known; and the artist’s vicarious relationship with Charles Dickens. Perhaps most revealing is Havlicek’s discovery of how the inspired words of Victor Hugo, embodied in one of his characters in Les Misérables, gave Van Gogh the idea for one of his most celebrated paintings of all: The Starry Night. This particular revelation has astonished the art world.

The book also dispels much of the myth that has come to surround Vincent’s tumultuous life. In the words of the author, “The letters reveal an unknown, adventurous, deeply compassionate Vincent whose essence seems to have been lost in the dramatic and often apocryphal stories surrounding his illness and early death. My effort therefore was to unveil these unknown aspects of Vincent—ones that are even heroic and certainly praiseworthy.”

“Dr. Havlicek offers an intimate perspective on the life of Van Gogh through an examination of Vincent’s personal letters to his family. I enjoyed learning about Vincent’s faith, his struggles in relationships with others and with God, and how he translated life’s issues into his artwork. The book itself is gorgeous, full of large color plates that accompany the text. Holding this book in your hands feels like holding something of top quality. Open the book to any passage, and the sense of quality is reinforced through the content. Dr. Havlicek writes with passion, intelligence, and clarity, creating a book with provocative insights, interesting connections, and lessons about the preciousness of life. It will inspire you!” ~ Amazon Reviewer Tiburon SC

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“Adversity is like a strong wind.
I don’t mean just that it holds us back
from places we might otherwise go.
It also tears away from us all but
the things that cannot be torn, so
that afterward we see ourselves
as we really are, and not merely
as we might like to be.”
~ Arthur Golden


Little People, Big Business

The World’s Forsaken Children
and What We Must Do to Save Them

David A. Glen

Most people have no idea of the sheer number of homeless children in the world which, according to UN sources, numbers as many as 150 million. This figure seems unimaginable. Yet tens of thousands of very young children roam the streets of many Eastern European cities alone. Driven from home by violence, drug or alcohol abuse, the death of a parent, the dissolution of the family, ethnic or religious war, natural disaster, or socio-economic collapse, many children are forced to survive on the streets by foraging for food, begging, stealing, and sometimes peddling their bodies in slums and polluted environments. Many of them become enslaved and are coerced into prostitution and child pornography, victims of the tragic practice of child trafficking and exploitation, including sex tourism, now a widespread industry because of the enormous profits involved for organized crime. Most suffer from severe malnutrition, and many will contract serious diseases including hepatitis, tuberculosis, sexually-transmitted diseases, and HIV.

Little People, Big Business, while unsettling in its narrative, may be one of the most forthright and detailed defenses of children, their individual rights, and their general welfare, we have ever seen, and offers not just criticism but real and practical solutions. And author David Glen’s challenge to his readers is clear:

“We need more and more good people with the moral courage to step forward
and help make a real difference. I can’t think of a better legacy for anyone to leave.
And while this insidious business—the exploitation of kids—may seem insurmountable
to most, one person CAN make a difference, even for just one endangered child.
I hope you, the reader, will be one of them.”

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Susan Lerner and Nancy Meyer

First Edition

Charlotte, Ryan and Mariella .. .three friends, from unique backgrounds, bonded at the most elite law school in America. On the eve of graduation they make a vow to once a year reunite for cocktails, catching up and whatever else the weekend brings. They will meet September, Somewhere. From New York to San Francisco, Paris to The Hamptons, these ambitious young lawyers will see their promised reunions drift from casual, nostalgic gatherings to something far more complex, as ego, greed and a secret lust threaten to fracture their bond. And then there’s Bermuda, and that night on the beach that cannot be undone. Inspired by true events, September, Somewhere is a peek behind the curtain at the world of young, top dollar lawyers, a place of status, suspect morals and infinite temptation. Charlotte, Ryan and Mariella will each pick a different path through this complicated world, but once a year those paths intersect. And that’s when things get interesting.

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“I just love dogs. This is because they
give you unconditional love, companionship,
loyalty, playfulness, eagerness to please,
and have a very forgiving nature …
all the things we look for in people.”



Michael L. Jacques, MFA

Limited-Issue, First Edition, Signed & Numbered

“Michael L. Jacques is one of those singular people whose very persona packs immense delight into the most common of experiences. And his art delivers the same experience along with a helping of vibrant color that in itself makes one smile. In The Blue Rabbit, this seems to be one of the many lessons that Michael is teaching us through the agency of his gifted brush: brilliant color orchestration, dramatic perspective, and a light-saturated palette. Yet he goes much further. Michael has taken the time to include small gems for those studying art with revealing thoughts on philosophy and aesthetics, illustrations of how he constructed a painting from concept to completion, and examples of initial studies alongside completed works. And he imbues his prose with the candor and humor for which he is known and loved! This book—like Michael’s persona itself—is straight from the heart!”

~ William J. Havlicek, Ph.D.

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